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Star Dusting Morph Animate Using Clipboard
Blinking Squirrel Morphimation
Clipboard Information Basics
1Morphimates/Morphimate002.gif Morphimate01.gif=Morphimation=
It works purrrrfect! It's easy to do and fast too!
Like the name?
Yup done with one image at ImageMagick and clipboard morph 2 frames!
No building a subdirectory to animate either!
Your gonna love the simplicity of this method.
There are many many vartiations that can be applied. Compositing, Annotating, decorate add a raised frame, draw, virtually anything your brain can come up with give it a try and lets see what it does!

It's a Morphimate! (Morph-Animated)

"Don't cha wanna be a Morphimator toooo!"

Morphimate01.gif Completed

Morphimates/53.gif Image to output checkmarking CLIPBOARD

I took this image above to Arbor ImageMagick:

Which came from this site of mine, page one.
SR18.gif Roses

I OUTPUT right from the start selecting CLIPBOARD instead of multi-frame file.


Storage type:
single file preview clipboard
append histogram multi-frame file

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Output Attributes

Image Type Compress Channel
Page Geometry Delay Loop
Quality Interlace Preview

Click the second output screen where you click on the image to view it with it's own URL.

Congratulations! You have now put the image on the ImageMagick Clipboard!

I am presently at the 2nd output screen. Now that we have the image on the clipboard waiting for us.
I stop and hit my back key ONE time.
Scroll up to the top of the page and click on the Composite tab
I composite this image "over" several times at various positions.on the rose image. This compositing is what will give you the gold shimmer effect when the image is animated.


Here is a quick and sloppy example.
IOW's it can be done much nicer than this:


Then continue with the instructions that follow.

To morph the image with the image you have clipped on the clipboard you go to F/X.

I click on the F/X tab
I type 2 in the text area box
I select the Morph radio button
Type in goldenrod in the Color Fill text area box
Select Opacity from the drop down for Channel
I check mark the check box "Use Clipboard image"
Click *

Congratulations! You have now taken the image off of the clipboard and morphed it with the current image!

That Click* puts me back in Paint again with a morph animated image

Next I Output

I type in 11 in the delay text area box

I make sure that 0 or zero is in the "Loop" text area box

Output and save to my webhost


To add special effects to your image, enter your effects parameter and method. Note, only methods denoted with an asterisk require a parameter value. Next, press effect to continue.

Choose from these special effects:
convolve *oil paint * tint
F(x) *solarize *wave *
implode *stegano *charcoal drawing *
morph *stereo
mosaic swirl *

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Transform Attributes

Fill Color Channel

Miscellaneous options:
use clipboard image as source for F(x).

1HOT.gif - TIP! ::..

Put 0 instead of 2 for the amount of frames to Morph. This produces a 2 frame animation! KEWL!

With this method of animating a image you do not need to build a index to animate. So hosts that block open indexes are no longer a deterrent to making animations.

Using this Morphimation method you can make animated 2 frame text images in a snap. Never leave ImageMagick from start to finish!


home comment clipboard icon

It's all good! This is un-charted turf. No telling what tweaks and twists that can be done.

I'm trying to put a copy in here of each Morphimation I do. I may have skipped a couple already. =shrug=

..:: UPDATE ::...
While this was stated with good intensions. I have not put a copy of all the morphimations I have done. Stopped doing that about 3 months after writting this tute. As I morphimate now as a rule rather than using the traditional animation method. Know that I have probably done a thousand plus morphimations by now. (I'm a image addict remember!) It is faster, easier, to morph-animate. I prefer the animation movement of morphing many times over traditional animation. No index to build. You can do it all without leaving the Magick Studio until you have the finished animation you wanted.

This is what I have in here now

Morphimations: Gallery

Couple of things I've learned. Morphing 1 under F/X will produce a 3 frame animation on output. Morphing 2 under F/X will produce a 4 frame animation on output and so on. =IF= you don't manipulate the image a bunch more after that step!

I did that all ready. Final amount of frames on output was19! 187kb ROTF. So I selected 3 frames and re-animated it. It is now morphimate002.gif the 2nd rose.

That said here are the 19 frames of the image that were produced side by side. As you can see not much of a change from frame to frame. In fact some frames are identical:

The way that I select which frames to use is to view one of the frames and then change the file number if I am using the temp image URL from ImageMagick or from Gifworks when I have split the frames. Change the frame number which will be blahblah_001.gif for instance through blahblah_019.gif. Or from a sub-directory I have Transloaded the images to as I name them in order.

19 Frames! Tip

After Morphing =output!= Additonal manipulations will increase amount of frames. Making your Morphimation a kb heavy hitter. I have seen Morphimations with as many as 64 frames OPPS! LOL


More observations and discoveries:

The Tiling Frame Producing Morphimate

More Morphimation Observations


... Morphimation Jingle ...
(sung to: "The Monster Mash")

"Do the Morph..."
"Do the Imagemagick Morph"
"Do the Morph"
"It's a Animation Smash"
"Do the Morph"
"Gets a Flash in a Dash"
"Do the Morph"
"Do the Imagemagick Morph"


Using Morph To Change Image Color


Morph Tool
From PageMaster101

Blinking Squirrel Morphimation