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Star Dusting Morphimation


I created the above text banner above quick and easy using the following star image and morphed Animated using the clipboard.

I annotated the text on the XC black background.

I then go to the Composite Tab and rotate 90 and composite SCREEN the following stars image in several angles and changed the gravity.


I OUTPUT selecting CLIPBOARD instead of the
default multi-frame file. This will be frame #2 of
the animation

Choose an output image format and set any optional image attributes below. Some attributes are only relevant to specific output formats. Next, press output to convert your image to the selected format. The image is converted and you are given an opportunity to download it to your local area.


Storage type:
single filepreview clipboard
appendhistogram multi-frame file

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Output Attributes

Image Type Compress Channel

Preview Dispose Interlace

Delay Loop Quality

Page Geometry


Miscellaneous options:
Strip image of any comments or profiles.
save image as CMYK pixels (JPEG, TIFF, PS, PDF, PSD)
stack images left-to-right (when storage type is append)

Click the second output screen where you click
on the image to view it with it's own URL.

Congratulations! You have now put the image you
just made on the ImageMagick Clipboard!

I am presently at the 2nd output screen. Now that we
have the image on the clipboard waiting for us.

I stop and hit my back key until I
am at the screen where I did my first Composite. I composite SCREEN several times in different angles than the first image that is on my 'clipboard'.

Now I click on the F/X tab
I put 1 in the parameters text area
I select the Morph radio button

I check mark the box
"use clipboard image as source for F(x)."
Click *
Puts me back in View / Paint again

Congratulations! You have now taken the
image off of the clipboard and morphed it
with the current image!


To add special effects to your image, enter your effects parameter and method. Note, only methods denoted with an asterisk require a parameter value. Next, press effect to continue.


Choose from these special effects:
convolve *sepia tone *swirl *
F(x) *shadow *tint
implode *sketch *vignette *
morph *solarize *wave *
mosaicstegano *charcoal drawing *
oil paint *stereo

Press to your image or the form.

Optional F/X Attributes

Channel Virtual Pixel Method

Background Color Fill Color

Miscellaneous options:
use clipboard image as source for F(x).

Next I Output

Since this is a XC image we need to define the file format. We need to select the file format of .gif again since it is animated.

I type in 44 in the delay text area

You can leave it set as clipboard or change it to multi frame file. It does not make a difference.

Output and save to my webhost

Completed image at the top of this page.

You can "Stardust" whatever you like.
Text, A Name Banner, An image.
Make a animated tile or background.
It's fast and easy using morphimation.

Want to learn more about "Morphimation?"
More info and examples here: Morphimation

Clipboard Information Basics

"Do the Morph"
"The ImageMagick Morph"
"Do the Morph"
"Make it blink in a dash!"....

This tutorial written by scri8e from www.scri8e.com
On October 27, 2006 at 9:30 am