ImageMagick Tutorial Templates is not a functioning Imagemagick Studio. Please go to the following links to use one of Mr. C's Great Online Image Manipulation Tools.

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How to turn on or off the radio buttons, check marks, etc.

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At the bottom left of every page in every ImageMagick you will see this Icon. You may post your questions on the forum board. You must register in order to be able to post. Anyone can read the posts at any time. Please provide examples of the images when applicaple. Mr C needs to be able to recreate the manipulation results in order to remedy it. What ImageMagick Studio or Studio's you used Date and time stamps are helpful to look up events in the Magick Studio logs.

BIG Tute T/L
Templar's Imagery Resources

The purpose of ImageMagick tutorial templates:

The concept is a basic template of the various screens at ImageMagick, so that when a person is explaining an image manipulation using a Magick Studio, can customize a page that looks exactly like the screen inside of the Studio.
Turn on or off the radio buttons, check marks,
Fill in the text areas with the desired text, etc.

The ultimate goal is to help people to use this fine tool quickly. Cut down on the back and forth of trial and error. Using less bandwidth in the process. Costing the generous People who are hosting one of the various ImageMagick Studio's less money to keep open.

I have removed the perl script. So all that is left is the basic page layout. These are mock ups only. They do not function. They are NOT designed to be used instead of the other working ImageMagick's. They are designed to make teaching of various image manipulations using this Online Tool easier to explain by using mock ups of the screens one will find inside of the ImageMagick Studio.

Mr. Cristy has been so much help to all of us. His generosity of his time talent and money are unmatched by anyone in the internet community. He is a "Prince of Script" in my eyes. I can't thank him enough.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Josh aka scri8e =AT= scri8e.com

Mr Cristy gives his consent:

"My philosophy is anyone can use ImageMagick for whatever purpose they want as long as they don't claim they wrote it. So yes on your request."

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