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Using Morph To Color Hue - Produce several images in a range of colors. Start with one color version of your image. Then produce a second color. Morph with as many frames as you llike. If using ImageMagick to Morph. Split the frames when outputting. Save all or select only the colors you desire. If not morphing at ImageMagick. Be careful with the amount of frames and the overall image size you produce. Some image tools restrict file entry size. In fact most do. I don't know what those file size limits are off the top of my head though. In other words you may have morphed yourself into a image you can't split.
I started with the Red and ended with the Blue.
The morph is 103.8 k. The frames are 3.3k down to 2.6k each in jpg format. Pretty good!

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Morphmation Tutorial

Morph Tool From Dave

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220 x 247

220 x 247

220 x 247

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