"The Please do not's"

Always make a copy of images you want to use in your pages. This is common good Netiquette - In other words


What is direct linking?

Direct Linking is using my URL in a image HTML tag on your webpage or in your signature.



You need to make a copy of the image on your PC by right clicking save as? Or by FTP=F.ile T.ransfer P.rotocol to your Webhost account. Also called Transloading, Downloading, or Uploading to your scrapbook for those that have that function. So the URL should look like this with your info in the Domain area of the URL:


If you were brought to this page, because this image appeared instead of the image you intended. This happened because, you are direct linking to my image url. You need to save the image to your PC's hard drive by: Right clicking save as. Or download to your webhost.

This image is delivered by a script by default. By using a .htaccess file. The directives inside my .htaccess script tell the script what to do. I do not replace these images one by one. The script does it for me. For more information on .htaccess please go to the link at the bottom of this page.


If you are offended by this default image? There is an easy way for you to never see it again. Don't direct link to my images! This is a very Tame Bandwidth Bandit Badge image. Compared to some default images you will see if you continue to direct link to others image URL's.

What is Bandwidth?
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Make your own copy on your own server. Also DO NOT copy my entire page source code and place it into a page on your webhost.

This can also be done by Transloading a webpage meaning a file that ends in .html or .htm. Many people are mis-informed and believe they are transloading all of the images within the webpage when transloading an .html file.

This is =False= By doing that you are only copying the source code nothing more. So this is also "Direct Linking". The Images are sourcing from my web host server.

Do not copy my tutorial page/s onto a page on your webhost. Claim my work as yours. Scroll down to: Plagiarism to learn more about this topic. Information about "Fair use" you will also find in the above link.

I ask that you do not take my hard work & make a collection and then call it your own. Or that you add them to your collection & put your copyright on them. This includes making tubes and/or putting on CD-Roms.

If you want to save the information from my pages then link to the html pages of information or the html tutorial pages. If you want to share from my site. Please share the page. Do not post my image URL/s by themselves in newsgroups, yahoo, MSNGroups, ezines, blogs. or the like. Instead post my pages. Posting the pages is fine with me.


Please feel free to use the images you find here as often as you like. You can cut them up. Composite them every which way. Color change them, blur them, resize them, fold spindle but hopefully not mutilate! If you do I won't fink on you. Have a pixel party, fine with me!

You will NOT hear from me:
"Don't change a thing"
Nope! How can people learn if they don't have images to experiment with? Right, they can't. Hands on is the only way to learn effectively in my opinion. Anything you create with these images is yours to do as you please with.

I do not require a link back.
Be nice if you did.
I don't mind at all.

Think of this site as your image resource bank. That is what the intent was in putting it together. This basic concept still holds strong.

Image passionately yours,


Copyright Concerns:

This web site may contain copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. To the best of my knowledge I have observed all T.O.U.=Terms Of Use for these images found here. The images on these pages T.O.U. at the time of downloading them stated that use of those images was for personal use only. That you must change / or put images together making it your image at that point 1ST before displaying them on the WWW. That your version of a composited image is displayed on your webpage for others use and download. Never the original download/s of images of anothers creative efforts unchanged. So that you are not re-distributing another persons work.

If a image of yours is here in error and is not displayed on this website in compliance with your T.O.U. Please contact the email addy below. Allow at least 1 week for a reply. I do not monitor my mail that closely. Please supply supporting information of ownership with the Image or URL in question. The image will be removed or linked the way you desire if it is indeed your creation.

All reasonable requests will be complied with. I am a fair and ethical person. Discuss your concerns with me in a respectful Adult manner and I will do the same.

If you want to rant for ranting sake. Save it.
You will get a deaf ear from me.

Thank You!


What is Bandwidth?
Click here to learn more


All I know about .htaccess
(Not Enough) A Work in Progress

When Does Sharing Images
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