When Does Sharing Images
Go Too Far?

If I choose to share this index or any other index of mine for that matter, that is my decision. Un-Spoken Net-ethics standards are basically that you can post your own open indexes, but do not post or mail to a ezine someone elses open index. Since this is not a subject often discussed if at all, let me give it a shot at explaining why.

If I had a =FREE= 250free account and not a =FEE= 250free account and my bandwidth went over due to this index being "Passed around",
I would be locked out of my account, all because of this event. I couldn't use my own account until I paid for more bandwidth. Bandwidth I didn't directly use. Nor did I offer whoever to use whatever on my bandwidth meter. I would be highly upset! Do you see my point?

Even with a paid 250Free account there is a bandwidth ceiling. That ceiling could be reached if enough people were hotlinking as well as passing this index around.

Most Webspace Hosts =DO= have Bandwidth ceilings!

To put it bluntly:
"It shows selfishness, complete disregard for another persons account status and plain bad manners"

I am using 250Free Webhosting as a example in this page. This does apply to the majority of Webhosts both Free and Paid accounts. The bandwidth ceiling will be listed in your T.O.S. (Terms of Service) for each webhosting service you have a account with. Bandwidth ceilings differ greatly from Webhost to Webhost. Read those Terms of Service documents. What you don't know, what you are not aware of, can cause you to have your account deleted with out notice.

My intentions with writing this page are not to verbally "Spank" anyone. My intentions are to educate by example. Hoping to make Cyberia just a 'liddle' bit more pleasant for all of us.

Thank you for your interest!


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When Does Sharing Images
Go Too Far?


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