From a group exchange:
Is sharing the image URL's of others considered poor Net-Ethics?

In Our opinion YES it is!

Let Us try to explain why.

The biggest issue We have with posting image URL's without transloading is that it promotes the practice of Remote Linking.

No page attached with the image and no T.O.U. (T.erms O.f is attached either.

Explanations/Excuses given for doing so include:

"I was sent the image by email."


"I didn't know you don't allow linking?!"

This issue has also been brought to the attention of certain individuals (via e-mail by their own request) that they should post complete pages or Transload the image to their own host server. They replied:

"It's too time consuming to transload all my shares".

"I found them in yahoo groups. I didn't steal."

We hear this time and time again.

Grafix Site Owner writes:
Sorry but :
"I found it shared already" doesn't cut it either.

They know these Yahoo Posters are stealing those folks bandwidth. It would be the right thing to do to TELL the people whose URL's are being posted instead of reposting those URL's for more people to do the same again & again & again. Or just Transload the images and then share your URL's with your groups.

Josh writes
Why is it so difficult to post the page? You get more punch per URL because one URL of a page contains several images. You are not violating the T.O.U. either. That is all it takes. If there isn't a page to post, You should consider that it isn't for public viewing and sharing. If you MUST post image URL's that are from this type of file storage then Transload and post your URL.

From a group exchange:
The issue is not stealing graphics. It's stealing bandwidth. It's also about not following people's T.O.U.

Grafix Site Owner writes:
On my stats page I have HUNDREDS of referring URL's from Yahoo groups linking to my images. Over 35 MEGS of views for the past few days alone! Some people have a limited amount of bandwidth. That kind of use can and does shut Site Owners out of their own site!

From a group exchange:
That kind of use can also cost the Site Owner extra $ for that bandwidth use.

Grafix Site Owner writes:
I don't understand why people will fight for what they think is their right to post other people's URL's without transloading?

Is it because you do know that people will take those URL's and repost them all over the WWW & you don't want your bandwidth being sucked dry? Or are you just too lazy to do so?

I honestly don't understand why you won't simply Transload what you share. Delete your own index in a few days. Stop putting all the burden on others. There are enough rude people out there already.

Josh writes:
The time Site Owners are forced to spend on Remote Linking issues, bandwidth abuse of their images, and bandwidth abuse of their Domains, means they have less time to spend on what they love the most. That is creating more images to share with all of the WWW. Trust me it is NO FUN dealing with bandwidth issues. That said....The bottom line is that you are hurting yourselves. Also many Site Owners have shut their doors for all time because of bandwidth issues. It's a large problem that effects all of the WWW.

From a group exchange:
Why not do your part and be part of the cure not part of the problem?

This is just basic ethics people

Use your heads.


This page was put together by several people in the Imaging Community. Our intentions in writing this page are to educate with information. Hoping to make our www experience a bit more pleasant for all of us.

Thank you for your interest!

Your Fellow Imagers



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