PNG Format works with: PSP -
Adobe PhotoShop & WebTV

PNG's are the only format that can be used by PSP & Adobe Photoshop, AND Webtv that are a tube type of format. Meaning they have a transparent background and are ready to composite onto another image. Gif format will retain a transparent background. Read on and go to other links to learn why gif is not as desirable as PNG.

PSP can view/work with formats =.png= .psp .tub .psd .jpg .bmp .gif (will freeze the animation and separate the frames into layers.) I may have missed a few formats? Most important is PSP can see and convert .psp & .tub to .PNG! I believe all versions? I use PSP7.

Adobe photoshop can view/work with formats =.png= .psd .bmp .jpg .gif (will freeze the animation and separate the frames into layers.) I may have missed a few formats? BUT can NOT view/work with formats.psp .tub!

Psp, .tub, .psd & .png can retain their transparent background. So they can be composited on another image without covering it up in part with the solid background.

In a general overall view of images available on the WWW. In cleaned up condition, with transparent backgrounds. In the largest volume of available images are in .psp format.

So I and many others use PSP to convert .psp files to .png to use with Adobe photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Which we can also use with Webtv.

Imagemagick will convert .psd files (adobe photoshop format) that can be output in several different formats with Webtv. Convert PSD Files with Imagemagick

Imagemagick with a WebTV cannot convert .tub .psp tho.

Several of the WebTV friendly servers have converters that can convert .psp, .tub, & .psd to jpg format. One of those are:
Arbor Hosting 50MB Account
Request a WebTv Friendly FM

Many do not like .png's because of the large file size. .psp .tub and .psd formats are KB heavy also. In fact usually larger in file size. (Of course there are exceptions. Generally this is the case) They prefer .gif format. The problem with .gif format are the white edges. See tute linked near to the bottom of this page for more information.

Composite .PNG images onto a background and output in jpg. They retain their transparent background until they are comp'd and output. To produce smaller kb sized images. Output in JPG format and then optimized with a tool of your choice. The file size will come way down usually. Again there are always exceptions.

.PNG's are your friends!
(Tables are still not my friend. LOL)


Four Tutorials About PNG Format

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4.) PNG Format: PSP, Adobe PhotoShop & WebTV


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