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Create a solid color background without compositing.
Without even leaving the Magick Studio. Create a solid
color background with one simple manipulation.
On a jpg or a gif animated or still. Yes it works
with animation too!

?Q) How do I get the background of a image a solid color without compositing it?

?A) You are gonna phreak. It's really easy.

Take your image to "Transform"

Select Rotate, not rotate left or rotate right, but straight rotate where you have to put in some numbers.

Type in 0.3% Yup fractions again and they work well here.

Type in the color of background you want in the text area at the bottom.

Check mark your "reset page geometry"

Click the transform button. The next screen is your image with..... shazzamm look at that! A solid background in the color you wanted.

..:: Clarification ::..

In order for this to work, It has to be a transparent background before you do this manipulation. The transparent background that you created, either by matting out a background of a jpg in paint. Or matted out a background of gif. If you start with a .gif image with a transparent back then you can test this method as soon as you enter the Studio.

Remember "jpg" format DOES NOT support transparency. As soon as you output a image with a transparent background in jpg format the background will become a solid color background of ? who knows what color, It depends.

I have used as small of rotate percentage numbers as 0.1% with success! I have also used 0.2% and had only a partical of the background fill in. If I back up and use 0.3% it worked fine. Filled in the background completely. I used 0.3% for this tutorial so most would have similar results. Experiment! See what effects you can get with applying this method. Related tutorials near the top of this page.


This pepsi can animated alpha was making the rounds not to long ago. It had a transparent background and the frames were "smearing" is the term that was being used. I used this method on on this D and it stopped the "smearing" of the frames in a snap.

Why did it cure the problem?
Read here to learn more.
Glitter Litter
Fubars -N- Fixes
Post Archive

How do you transparentize the background
of a image at ImageMagick?

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To transform your image, enter your transform parameter and method. Note, only methods denoted with an asterisk require a parameter value. Next, press transform to continue.


Choose from these transforms:
affine *flipshave *
chop *flopshear *
coalesceroll *splice *
crop *rotate *trim
deconstructrotate left
flattenrotate right

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Transform Attributes

Gravity Background

Miscellaneous options:
reset page geometry.

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