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I take a black and white image to Arbor ImageMagick

Then I Go "Composite"

I put a URL of a Clear400x400.gif in the Text Area

I select "Center" for the Gravity

Blend = 90%


I set "Rotate" to 0.2

In the "Background Color" text area I type in:

Click on Compose.

Here is that result


I am sure there are many other filters that can be used. The essence of this method is to use a clear,gif in the composite function. Add in "Rotating" plus a background color to complete the image manipulation.

That said I dub this method:

"CompTate Coloring"

Meaning COMPosite And RoTATE

To composite your image, press Browse and select your image file or enter the Uniform Resource Locator of your image. Next, choose the location of the composite image and the type of composite operation. Finally, press composite to continue.



Offset Gravity

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Composite Attributes

Blend Compose

Rotate Background Color

Miscellaneous options:
tile across and down the image canvas.

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