Tutorial Templates
(Teaching Templates)
(with Mr. C's approval)

I started out makng a black XC
image 500x500 before entering Arbor's Magick Studio.
I go directly to composite & composite the .psd image
on the XC image with the default settings unchanged.

Here is the PSD file I used for you to test with:

750 kb

In view you will not see anything.
It will appear to be a blank white image.
If you use the above .psd test file composited
on a black 500x500 XC image. it will look
exactly like this:

black 500x500

Go to Output

Output in .gif format

=SINGLE= file ..::IMPORTANT::..

The next screen you will see a blank image
with 2 images below it that appears like "frames"
of a animated file. The second image is the one
you want. Click on it & save to your web space


black0.gif ......... black1.gif

Looking for more PSD Files?
Here are some. Thanks Patrice!
Painted Pixels - PSD files for PSP Tubes
May have some on page 9?

How to output a Transparent image from a psd file.
Examples of various composites.

Tests of file formats & related discussions
Are Abobe Photo Shop file extensions.
PSP TUB Are Paint Shop Pro=PSP file extensions.
THAT CAN BE converted inside the PSP program by
a Computer Only To: PSD format at this time that
I am aware of? Black560x560.psd 660kb

PSP TUB File Format Mr. C?
Are there problems with those formats?
I know PSD is preferred because it is the
format from the superior image program of
Adobe Photo Shop Verses Paint Shop Pro?
In output you have PS PS1 PS2 PS3
But not PSP or TUB?
Reason for that because it's not compatible?
Or image quality is not as good?
Is PSP format a do-able?

PSP file format have what is termed as "layers"
You can separate the 'layers' of =some= PSD
images by treating the file like a multi-frame
animation. Layers=Frames!

butnBlueViol150.gif butnBluvol60.gif The round buttons file
Is different. One image with six frames 126x126
Each frame in a different color I morph animated
the last two frames. Also composited multiply to
richen the hues.

The star zip is a true zip file. It contains six psd files. In six different colors. KB's in the lower range of 10 5kb for the White Star To 31.9kb for the Blue Star.

StarBlue.psd 31.9kb

StarGreen.psd 27.5kb

StarWhite.psd 10.5kb

StarBlue3.gifTransparent StarBlue Tutorial
.......:::::with test examples below:::::.......

Choose an output image format and set any optional image attributes below. Some attributes are only relevant to specific output formats. Next, press output to convert your image to the selected format. The image is converted and you are given an opportunity to download it to your local area.

..::Note::..NO PSP or TUB extension
available at the present time

Storage type:
single file preview clipboard
append histogram multi-frame file

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Output Attributes

Image TypeCompress Channel
Preview Dispose Interlace
Delay Loop Quality

Page Geometry


Miscellaneous options:
Strip image of any comments or profiles.
save image as CMYK pixels (JPEG, TIFF, PS, PDF, PSD)
stack images left-to-right (when storage type is append)

home comment

PSD Blue Star Study With Examples


I start out with a black XC image.
I use the default size 320x240.
I composite NW +10+10 with the default settings.
Output as I did in the above Kittens example.
Make a mental note that this star reminds me
of the PNG stars I have. PNG PSD these are
different formats and not in the same format
group like JPEG's JPG and JPE.

These are all the full sized images.
I did not reduce the sizes at all.
Here is this example:



I turn around and input the above
file into the studio again.
My settings are:
None None
I click in the center of the image
and make it transparent.
I go to transform and trim
Here is that example:



I take StarBlue1.gif to gifworks
I transparent 3 times up close in between the
stars points the first time. The next 2 times I click
on the "halo" around the main body of the star. I smart
crop. I save it. Here is that example:



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