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I am not a Doctor nor do I pretend to be. These pages are journals of my experiences with health challenges & reference tools that I built for my own personal use. I make no promises that the methods, devises, herbs or natural products will work for others. They have worked for me personally which I am grateful.

For all that come across these pages in your search for your cure.
"Welcome" I hope you find something here that will help you on your path back to health.

My Medical Motto:

"When faced with adversity"
"Laugh at the Bastard!"

Eyeballs 11/05/2003
Eyeballs 08/23/2004
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Kidney Stones Will Hurt Thee

Microdose Chemotherapy That damn Cancer Beast!

Reflexology massage chart

teeth_Reflexology Chart

Headache? Try a "Ice Burrito!"

Death Mourning Bereavement

Medspeak Gallbladder Parasites

Colonics Unplugged

H2O2-Oxygen-hydrogen peroxide therapies

Parasites In Our Bodies
Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Immune IV Drips

Ear Coning

CFS and Fibro

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Broken Ankle

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Hand of Hope

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