Eyeballs 08/23/2004

=PRAISE Colloidal Silver=

Someone kick me will you! Eye infection=Colloidal Silver=cure!

I've just been dealing with them. Before calling the eye doctor yet again for the ? time this coming week. At least 7 times I've gone threw the eye drops that last a week for $100.00 with insurance. Just to have the damn thang come right back. So I was gonna try some antibiotics or something?

I grabbed the colloidal silver and started that Sunday am. 5 doses & over 15 hours or so. I'll be! It's working already. I can see whites of my eyes instead of PINK puddles.

I KNEW this already it what makes me so pissed off at myself. Do we have duh spells in our lives? Am I turning senile?


Praise Silver! The Lone Ranger's horse, colloidol silver, silver bullets, silver whatever! If it's silver it's good as gold or in this case better than gold!


Yeah well I'll blame it on the diabetes then.
Truthfully it had to do with that.

Because the vision was one of the problems when I was diagnosed with diabetes. The eyeballs re: vision sucked. The infections came later.

I was so stuck on the BIG D and dealing with that. I was out of focus literally LOL in several different ways.

STILL this is one of my BIGGEST self harming duh periods.

=WAKE=UP Moon'n Tard!



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