Make A TearDrop Blinkie @ MyImager

1.) Make a black background at MyImager

2.) Under the File Tab Select New in .gif 400x400

3.) Select "Text" under the "Effects Tab"

a.) Type a Upper Case "S" in the Text area

b.) Size 150

MyImager TTF Map
Various MyImager Info

c.) Horizontal & Vertical Alignment
......Leave setting at Center

d.) Select
Wingdings 2 For the Font

e.) Select a color

These instructions are available in .gif format.
They can be taken with you to MyImager, so
you can read them while inside this online tool:

Instructions In .gif format

These were made using MyImager too! YaY!

Which will give you this:


Do steps 2.) & 3.) above with 2 differences.

3b.) Size 140

3e.) Select the color black or the same as your background.

Which will give you this:


Back to steps 2.) & 3.) above with several differences.

a.) Type a name in the Text area.
I am using Pam for this example.
In order to make my imager center
the name in this teardrop I typed the text like this:

b.) Size Leave set to 20

c.) Horizontal & Vertical Alignment leave setting at Center

d.) Select a font of your choice. I used Georgia for the Font

e.) Select a color. I used the same color as my teardrop

Which gave me this:


5.) Now I take this image to

6.) I select transparentize from the edit tab
Click on the black to make it transparent

7.) Under the edit tab I select smart crop

8.) I then save it

Which gave me this:


9.) Take this image above to ImageMagick & a animated line

10.) I composite it "ATOP" Tile across and down just like I would for filling a name with glitter.

End result


You might like to take a short cut.
Here is the blank Tear Drop outline
with a transparent background to put
a name inside or fill with glitter or?


Since this tute was written on July 4th I tried finding a white & blue animated line.
Every one I tried was a corrupted file!

ImageMagick would not accept it. ~8^(

So I grabbed a file of mine that I knew was not corrupted.

That's why the gold glitter. LOL

You can fill this teardrop name with any type of animated anythang! There are a zillion different looks you can achieve. You can "write" the name using gifworks if you like, or imagemagick. It doesn't have to be done at MyImager. Again your choice.

....Only thing I ask .... .
Is for you to have fun!

That is what Imagineering is all about!

Your fellow Imagineer



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