GRSites Gradient Maker - Grad-angles and color hues?

GRSites Gradient Maker

I made this using the above generator.


Click on it to see it's real size.
It is 1 pixel wide and 1120 in height

When making the gradient, you
have a choice of these 3 types of gradients:
Choose the direction of the gradient:
Vertical Repeat

I used Vertical for this image setting the height
at 500 which is the smallest you can use

At first, I didn't think this was correct but
apparently it is. It is supposta be a long
tall skinny gradient line.

I am starting to see a few things.
Those that have been working with
grads probably already know?
Or maybe not?

What I am doing here is what I call Morphimation.
Animating a image using Morph and clipboard in
a ImageMagick studio.

Tute is here:

Morphimation Morph Animate Using Clipboard

I took the above gradient

And a ding blank of a line.

I comp'd Atop across and down the canvas.

Output using "CLIPBOARD"

Went back to composite

I comp'd Atop across and down the canvas.

Then to FX
Typed 2 in the perm. text area

Selected Morph Opti. color silver

=Checked the use the clipboard image!=

Output using delay of 33 Here is that result:


So do we know the angles and what percentages
in either darker or lighter hues they make?
Or am I outta my mind? LOL

To help you to understand that the image you see at
the top of this page and the 3 below are =ALL= the
SAME tall 1 pixel wide image. The way I made it
appear as if it was gradient tile is by changing the
image width and height tags ONLY.

Same image I just changed the W and H
from 100x100 To 200x75


Same 1x1120 image
At 400x50


Same 1x1120 image
Set at 20x150


Here are a few more examples of different
colors and different types of gradients:

I used all 3 types here:

Vertical Repeat

1x1120 image Vertical

Width and Height of 400x50


2000x1 image Horizontal

This grad is made by selecting Horizontal gradient
Is is 2000x1 in size.

Width and Height set at 200x100


1x1120 image Vertical Repeat

Width and Height set at 40x200


Additionally you may view these images by clicking
on edit link below each and it will tile the background.
Background Viewer

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