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How2 Make a Basic Banner Name
Do you need help making a basic Banner?
I used this banner maker:

Banner Generator

Type in Text

Font type= Black Chancery

Font Size=60

Border Size=10

Text color=Gray

Background color Transparent <==<<

User Type Webtv
(unless you are using a PC)

Your name banner =must= be on a TRANSPARENT Background.

It also MUST be in gif format. JPG format will auto default to a solid color background. JPG Format does not support transparency.


I take the banner name blank & this animated silver tile FS26.gif 3Frames:


To Arbor ImageMagick. I click on the Composite File Folder Tab.

Paste your glittler URL in the Text Box Area Offset +0+0 Gravity I select=Northwest Method ="ATOP"

At the bottom of the page where you see,

"Miscellaneous options:"

I check mark the box to the left the text that says:
tile across & down the image canvas

Scroll up to the composite button and push that puppy! Covering your text with glitter


This Tutorial page has a mock up of the ImageMagick composite and output screens. With all the settings "Pre-Set" just as I wrote in the instructions above. The animated glitter tile url is in place as well. So you can see how everything is set, and what it should look like.

This is not a functioning Image Magick.
It is intended for educational purposes only.

To composite your image, press Browse and select your image file or enter the Uniform Resource Locator of your image. Next, choose the location of the composite image and the type of composite operation. Finally, press composite to continue.


Offset Gravity

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Composite Attributes

Blend Compose

Rotate Background Color

Miscellaneous options:
tile across and down the image canvas.

Next click on the "Output" tab.
Select the format of ".GIF".
If it isn't already selected for you



Storage type:

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Output Attributes

Mark the radio dial to select the multi-frame file
Usually this is preset as well.

Delay =44

Loop= 0


Check mark the box to:
Strip image of any comments or profiles.

Then save the image to your webhost or on your PC by right click save as.
Image Type Compress Channel

Preview Dispose Interlace

Delay Loop Quality

Page Geometry


Miscellaneous options:

You can use anything you like to fill the text with animation. I've been using glitter, stars, or one of my animated glitter tiles to composite with.


You can also "Glitter Litter" images, dingbats, whatever you desire. Other methods of glitter animating images or text are linked in the above URL. With an overview.

Here are 3 dingbat images ready to fill with glitter.
1. 2. 3.

More images to work with here:



What is the difference between composite "ATOP" verses "IN"? I thought "ATOP" covers the whole image?


"Over" covers the whole image. Transparent background and all. Think of "ATOP" like this.

You have a piece of paper. You write your name with glue on this piece of paper.

Then you sprinkle glitter ATOP of the page and shake off the excess glitter.

What do have as your end result?

The glitter is stuck "ATOP" of the glue.

"IN" with the older versions of ImageMagick was how we did this before. Using "IN" now with ImageMagick V.6.0 and Up I believe is correct? Gives you a blank or transparent image the width and height of the image you were compositing "IN" to. Not at all what are trying to create.

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