MsVs Envelope Magick Lesson

I started with this image part:


The diamond shaped flap area is transparent. I comp'd a gold foil glass background over across and down. (that way I know it fits!)

Then back to composite and comp the "1-envelFLAP-CLR.gif" over center DO NOT tile across and down. Which gives me the gold flap filled.

In paint I color the white parts black. In paint again I matte out the black and save that image which is the image 1.) below "1-envelTOP_FilledSmaller.gif"

1-envelTOP_FilledSmaller.gif 1.)

I try a composite over image 2.) which I made prior by composite Multiply with a background of my choice and "SHRIEK!" I Made the filled top to big! No worries I can fix this all inside of the Magick Studio.

So I resized "in progress" 2.) from
350x350 to 380x380 using scale.

"If the shoe is to big?"
"Grow a BIGGER Foot!"

1-envelInProgress.gif 2.)

Comp'd filled top 1.) North +0+25.
Then resized 2.) back to 350x350.
Output as jpg set quality at 50%.8k
Here is that result.

1-envelInProgress2.jpg 3.)

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