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When I first wrote this tutorial I used Arbor ImageMagick. This method worked at Arbor and all the others. Today 09/22/2006 the only Imagemagick that this method still works with is Net4TV ImageMagick
Correction Mr.C and the Magick Team have this problem fixed. 01/18/2007 is the first I learned of it. Thank You!

The above animated yellow rose image is the end result example from this Tutorial. It is a 2 frame animation = budspark1.gif

Thanks to Nancy Quale for her help working with me on this tutorial. Together uncovering one more bit of "Magick", one wonder at a time.

I took a rose image and an animated star.

I Composite the star over the rose in the south east corner.

Then I Output changing extension from jpg to gif.

Set the Delay at 22

Here is that image. It is 8 frames. 94 k


ImageMagick numbers the frames starting with 0.
As you can see from this "Frame Map ".

I go to Input and paste the ImageMagick
Temporary URL in the slot

I Scroll down & in the text area box labeled

I Type in.


This means I am selecting only frames 4 and 5 out
of the 8 frames of the animation to loop together

I scroll up to the top of the page.

Click the view button to enter the studio.

Once inside the studio

I output right away.

Result is this 2 frame animation.


To convert or manipulate your image directly from a Web page, press Browse to browse and select your image file or enter the URL of your image. Next, set any of the optional parameters below. Finally, press view to continue.


Press to your image or the form.

An example image is available to help you get familiar with ImageMagick Studio, version 6.2.2.

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Optional Input Attributes

You will rarely need to set these parameters. The scene specification is useful when you want to view only a few frames from a multi-frame image. The rest of the options are only necessary for raw image formats such as RGB or GRAY.
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