Tutorial Templates
(Teaching Templates)
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Yup take a bmp to a IM and output as gif jpeg or png.
Then turn right around and "input" the ImageMagick
url and play!

You will not be able to view the .bmp until you
change the extension to gif jpeg or png. Then
you will be able to see it. Try it with the above
example. You change it right below here. From
bmp to whatever format you want.

Choose an output image format and set any optional image attributes below. Some attributes are only relevant to specific output formats. Next, press output to convert your image to the selected format. The image is converted and you are given an opportunity to download it to your local area.


Storage type:
single file preview clipboard
appendhistogram multi-frame file

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Output Attributes

Image Type Compress Channel
Preview Dispose Interlace
Delay Loop Quality

Page Geometry


Miscellaneous options:
save image as CMYK pixels (JPEG, TIFF, PS, PDF, PSD)
stack images left-to-right (when storage type is append)

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