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(with Mr. C's approval)

How to curve a banner?

Take the banner to decorate.


PUT a HUGE border on it the same color as the background.
On the N and South sides.
In my example I used black.

Small border on the W and E sides.





To decorate your image with a border or frame, set your options below and press decorate.

Decoration geometry:


Choose from these decorations:

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Decorate Attributes



Go to FX

Make the width exactly twice the width of the banner.
Lets say the banner is 400 wide with the 25 on
the W and E sides. You would enter 800.
This makes the curve centered.
Height of the wave try -110
Which curves the banner upward in a arch
110 will give you a downward arch.
Or you could call it the up and down part of the wave.

So your numbers would be:

Wave it

To add special effects to your image, enter your effects parameter and method. Note, only methods denoted with an asterisk require a parameter value. Next, press effect to continue.


Choose from these special effects:
convolve *oil paint * tint
F(x) *solarize * wave *
implode stegano * charcoal drawing *
morph * stereo
mosaicswirl *

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Transform Attributes

Fill ColorChannel

Miscellaneous options:
use clipboard image as source for F(x).

home comment


Click on it in paint to see where you
need to crop it on the N and S sides.

Now take to transform and crop.

Walla! A curved banner with none
of that wave left over funky stuff.
It's that easy!


If you don't know what I am talking about above.
When I say:

Click on it in paint to see where you
need to crop it on the N and S sides.
Now take to transform and crop.

Go to this tutorial
Scroll down to HOT TIP. In this tutorial I use it for
coordinates for compositing. You can also use these
same numbers for cropping.

Remove parts of a background using annotate

Cropping at ImageMagick Is a topic for another tutorial
and another tutorial writer. I am not comfortable writing
such a tutorial at this time. I still have much to learn
about the functions in the transform folder.

ADDITIONALLY you can also output after waving as a gif.
Take the image to Gifworks and crop it there.

This is a ImageMagick tutorial. I try NOT to mix two
image tools together in one tutorial so I don't get
people confused on what tool does what.


?Q) How the heck do I get the background of a
image a solid color without compositing it?

?A) You are gonna phreak. It's really easy.

Take your image to "Transform".

Select Rotate, not rotate left or rotate right, but straight
rotate where you have to put in some numbers.

Type in 0.01 Yup fractions again and they work well here.

Type in the color of background you want in the text area at the bottom.

Check mark your "reset page geometry"

Click the button next screen is your image with shazzamm
look at that! A solid background in the color you wanted.

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