Tutorial Templates
(Teaching Templates)
(with Mr. C's approval)

Choose an output image format and set any optional image attributes below. Some attributes are only relevant to specific output formats. Next, press output to convert your image to the selected format. The image is converted and you are given an opportunity to download it to your local area.


Storage type:
single filepreviewclipboard
appendhistogrammulti-frame file

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Output Attributes

Image Type Compress Channel
Preview Dispose Interlace
Delay Loop Quality

Page Geometry


Miscellaneous options:
save image as CMYK pixels (JPEG, TIFF, PS, PDF, PSD)
stack images left-to-right (when storage type is append)

home comment

..::Various Screens of Preview::..

I know it's difficult to read the text on the images. I can't read it either! LOL These Preview Panels are produced by a script Mr.C wrote. They probably look just dandy on a PC. They are all this size: 768x954. With our screen size being 560x372 the image preview panels reduce to our screen width and height. Nothing I can do about it. Sorry.
I want to read them too!


Gamma Preview

Hue Preview

Rotate Preview

Wave Preview

Roll Preview

Implode Preview


PHP Index Viewer of the other filter
results of the preview screens
..::Preview Screens::..


...:::Notes and observations:::...

All of these were done at Arbor ImageMagick
08/09/2004 at 10:30pm or around that time frame.
All with Image Type of TruecolorMatte selected.
Filters that don't work in Preview on this date are:

Shear, CharcoalDrawing. Both gave me a blank Template
of the second output screen it looks to be?

AddNoise hung and would not output.

JPEG produced this Error:

Exception 435: unable to open image `:
No such file or directory:
No such file or directory

This tutorial written courtesy of:


ArborHosting ImageMagick

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