2D Image To 3D image
Composite Multiply

I Composite MULTIPLY over a Gradient php script
created image of 3 columns. One on the West and
one on the East, the 3rd in the center.
To make a 2D image have 3D depth!

I made this image after several
steps in several php scripts.


I composited MULTIPLY
this image on to the image above:

I made this image from a door image and I made a
stone tile and composited OVER across and down.
Then I composited OVER the door image.


End result!!:


Another example

I composited MULTIPLY this image on a 3 column image:


End result:


One more


Want more 3 column Grad base
images to work with?

More Base Images

How to code the php script to create the 3 column base image? All in one script! Open index. Files for each image available as in .php and .txt file. Hex Color Code in the URL. The Image File Type is in the URL as well.

The PHP scripts

Of the basic scripts you need to get started.

Contents of Zip

..:: Thanks! ::..
Go to SewSally my GD teacher for working out the php script coding to make this 3 column image all in one script! Such a simple and short script too. Fantastic!

GD is not hard! Try just one script.
After the first one .... bet you try another!

Moons GD Hub of Pages
GD Library - G.raphic D.raw - PHP Script Created Images

..:: Other Ideas ::..

The columns could be turned into towers with a balcony. A vine crawling it's way up the castle wall might look great.

Other uses off the top of my head....
A lighthouse with a single column.
A rocket ship with a single column and a cone.
Leaning tower of Pizza-Pie lol

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