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Does your server allow php scripts?
Look here to find out:

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Fantastic Donald!

This is a whole new un-explored graphic world opening up before us. It's exciting & I am JAZZED! ;)

I just wrote a email, on this very subject. I will share in part what wrote.


More info on GD=Graphic Draw and the ability of PHP Scripts

Kath forwarded a post by Donald (heh didn't know you posted here!) in the WWH forum. He was talking about GD & PHP scripts.

Try to wrap your brains around this concept.
It's a BIGGIE so get ready!

With-in a PHP script you can virtually do any manipulation all together at one time. It is a matter of learning the code to produce the end results you desire.

Once you get to that point you can view the .txt file you just wrote by changing the file extension from .txt to .php Then view the .php file in your FM just like you would a .html page.

If you are happy with it. Take that .php file to your beamer or to a transloader input the .php file and transload. When you get to the screen where you can change the file name. Rename the extension from .php to:.png .jpg .gif whatever you coded in the .php script for the image type to be.

Complete the Transload. You now have a image!
An png example

You can use this script over and over again. You can make "Template php scripts" Like the Char-set maker I showed you yesterday.

That is right ANY MANIPULATION and much more!

Lets just focus on the "Graphic ability" of PHP scripts.

You can do these things and I am sure I am missing many:

Annotate +PLUS - shadow, raise, and who knows what all! Dingbats also.

Composite -Several composites in one script it does the manipulations OTF=On the fly when the php script is viewed.



Create XC images including grads patterns plasmas and MORE



F/X functions at IM - I'm sure also

Effects = same as above


I can see easily TNT's=Tags and Tutes being done in PHP with:

PHP "Tag templates"

No problems with ImageMagick being quirky. You don't have to depend on ImageMagick any more. (Mr.C don't bing me on the noggin too hard)

From: sewsally

Now get them to draw fancy borders or use a ding for the border etc...and instead of the background like that,(Donald used a black hex) they can have a transparent background too you add it to the basic script...

You could make a template just for tags... transparent back....comp using two imports or comp using one import...the basic draw functions.....Show them how to do the drop shadow with their name and comps!! You can do it in GD...

And if Kath can find information we have not found, have her send it on...I think I've queried google and a couple other engines with everything I can think of to get info... =/snip=

Sally has written to many people about GD and queried on some of the finer details on how to make the scripts preform various functions. Here is what she says about this in her own words:

"We can not find one person that is drawing graphics or using them like we are....with GD..."

So there you have it! This is the beginning of a very exciting time for our Community I believe.

You thought grad-tables were awesome? (and they are!) Well one of the things that held our Community back from setting the WWW on it's heels and taking notice with the Grad tables is the fact that only Webtv's can see them in ALL their beauty. They cannot be recreated and viewed by another internet access device in the same simply radiant way. Can not be done, as of this date and time. Nope.

With GD and php scripts the results and the use of the scripts 'CAN BE' used by ALL internet access devices!

Imagine a "Internet Toaster" (Webtv has been called a internet appliance many times) writing and creating images by using GD and PHP scripts for The PC Imaging World! Heh!

Not only "Can We Do It!
We Already ARE Doing It!
We are exploring a un-traveled frontier
and taking pictures along the way!


GD = G.raphic D.raw Home

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