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Make something frosty. A name tag, a divider, a bar, a popsickle kid or pet. Animated or still. Split the frames if you are not an animation fan.

dripbar380.gif   Tile it   20.9 kb 380w x 44h

iceyBar.png   Tile it   41.2 kb 510w x 131h

ziceDRIP.gif   Tile it   28.8 kb 533w x 36h

zicebar2frames.gif   Tile it   1.7 kb 352w x 20h

zicedbar0.gif   Tile it   11.7 kb 352w x 20h

zicedbar1.gif   Tile it   21.9 kb 388w x 54h

zicedbar2.gif   Tile it   5.9 kb 428w x 18h

zicedbar3.gif   Tile it   2.3 kb 400w x 15h

zicedbar4.gif   Tile it   7.3 kb 180w x 96h

zohyeah.gif   Tile it   46.8 kb 560w x 111h

zzheart.gif   Tile it   4.8 kb 144w x 62h

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