Wine Glass Imaging

This example is achieved by 'stacking tables'
Positioning one image, in this case the glitter
over the other, the Wine Glass with a rose in it.
Use this method when your animated image has
a large number of frames.

Tool I used to generate this code: Image Stacker

You will need to know the width and height of the two images you are working with. If you don't take your images here to find out.

Coder 4 Images includes Height & Width

Examples of Wine Glass Imaging:
1.) 2006 In The Mix 2.) Calla Dove Gallery of Glasses

1_2006_2.jpg .....WGCallaDove.jpg
Wine Glass Dimensions
Composite Map

__150x363 URL:1-WG-150x363.gif

zflaredot.gif Cropped Parts Bank zflaredot.gif
Dimension included in URL
Main Cup of Glass__ 1-134x192.gif
Stem and Base________ 1-103x143.gif
Stem No Base___________ 1-20x97.gif
Base __________________ 1-103x44.gif

Original Post:

4-Webb Imagineering Project "Wine Glass"
Date: Sat, Jun 15, 2002, 10:17pm
From: Moondogee((_Y_))
4-Webb Imagineering Project "Wine Glass"

Ready Imagineers?
This is your Mission should you decide to accept it.....

Take this wine glass image as your base to build from:



Transparent the white out of the image.
Invert or negate the image which is what Aurora
did and that is the base Image I wound up using.


Composite a rose inside the glass.


This you can use this as a name tag.
Plenty of room to add a name.


Composite or overlay using a table some
sparkles over the rose. Making the image
into a snow globe type effect.
See example at top of this page.

Animate it filling it with wine or?
Remove the white so you just have the outline
of the glass and line fill it with glitter.

Here is a base image to glitter fill


Glitter Filled wine glass example


Looking for some glitter to use?
Try my animated glitter tiles to fill
your images that I call " Flashites"

Links to my friends Glitter Pages.

Aylana's "Bring on the Glitter" &
Dan's Sparklies

Don't Glitter you Web-Home without us!

Let's see what you can do with this image
with your creative and talented selves!

Your fellow Imagineer



Looking for wine glass blanks?
Look no further:
Transload/Beam your own copies.
Please do not source from my files.
Thank you!

zflaredot.gif \/\/ i ne Glass Blanks zflaredot.gif

Page 1 Page 2

You may want to use a Bubble image:

bubbles5k.gif A Selection of Bubbles Images Are Here

Chrissy a very talented Imagineer has created these webpages of wine glass eyecandy for you to enjoy. Please take a moment & get a eyeful. You will be pleased you did!
Thank you Chrissy for all your hard work. I had no idea that this project would become so addictive.
( smirk ... )

zflaredot.gif -ƒine \\/\/ine Še§igns- zflaredot.gif
//\//\§. //\//\„§†iē //\//\嵝ve

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I hope you enjoy wineglass imaging!
"It's not just a passion it's addictive...."

-This many people have found their-
-way to this page since it's creation-

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Darn loop legged counter! LOL
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All this "Wine Glass Imaging" & I don't even
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