TTF Sites ~Unzipped~

TTF=T.rue T.ype F.ont

How do you do that TTF thang?

Doesn't make a lick of sense to you?
Becky does a great job of explaining
TTF's for Barbara's names.

Take a look at her tute:

~Barbara's Gif To Share~
~ Using A True Type Font ~

How do you do that TTF Ding thang?

Makes =even less sense= to you then TTF's?
Well your not alone! It took me a while to figure it out myself. Now that I have. I luv'um!

Basically on the dingbats every letter is a representative of a image in the dingbat file. Some Dingbats use only UPPER case characters. Some use only lower case. Then there is the rare Ding that uses both UPPER & lower case as well as numeric shift numeric alt & alt shift characters. Unfortunately you never know until you try the ding file out. That is why I, as well as many others appreciate a 'Charset' also called a 'font map' to tell us what the .TTF file has "under the hood" so to speak.

I will be setting up this mock IM screen to make this exact page minus the text instructions. It will also be centered on the black background. This .TTF file uses only UPPER case characters A-Z.

You paste the .ttf url in the text box below the menu of IM's on board fonts. I have it marked for you & the .ttf file already in place.

This is the file you will be using to make the following dingbat images:


TTF-Phreaks Stars Example

Gravity Location

Press to your image or the form.

Optional Annotation Attributes

Fill Color Stroke Color Undercolor

PointSize Density Stroke Width


Right above here in the text box is
where you paste in the .ttf URL

Translate Scale Rotate

Skew X Skew Y

Miscellaneous options:
antialias text.

TTF Sites ~ Unzipped