Animating the
Funny Bone Logo (\(_Y_\))
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Subject:Re:FRIDAY SHARES!!!-I Anim the Funny Bone Logo ..heee..heee..
Date:Fri, May 2, 2003, 1:18pm
I Animated the Funny Bone Logo
You think I should send it to them?
I liked the way it came out. A simple 2 frame animation. 13kb

Anim Funny Bone How I done doo' it Instructs
I took the original funny bone from their front door. To gifworks.
I inserted text of "I" at size 70 Hev. font bold in color #F0FFFF. Placed it on the left side of the image in the open area.
Transparentized the "I" then untransparentized so it would fill in the background solid with the color #F0FFFF.
Took it to MyImager converted to jpg. In gif format parts of the tongue were clear with our default background color being black, he had black marks on his tongue. Eweeeooo..!
Converting to jpg made them disappear.
Saved that image in my 250free platium account:(with the free accounts you can't animate your subs because of the ads.)
250free A/c
All of A/ are subs that I use to animate with.
Backed up to Myimager's screen where I could resize the image. I think I resized it to 220x240 from 230x258 or close to that.
The idea was to make the mouth widen while the whole image shrunk in height making him look as though he was doubling over with laughter. I didn't think about that it would also make him look as though he was bouncing up and down. ROTF. But I like the effect. It's one of those animations that just works. That's so kewl when that happens! ~8^).
Saved that at myimager and used myimagers url as my comp.
Took the 1.jpg to IM in paint I replaced color with #F0FFFF at 22,222 until I had a solid tile of #F0FFFF which I knew was the correct size because it was the image. LOL.
Then I comp'd myimagers resized URL over - center of the tile.
Output saved as 3.jpg in the sub A/c at 250free.
At first I morphed it making it a 3 frame animation. BUT it was over 70kb so I went back and un-morphed then resized reduced colors yada yada and output again which produced the 13kb version that I saved.

That's how I done doo'd it.
I did email to the FunnyBone
& I got a response!
I R A Animater!
I'm soooo Jazzed!
E-mail message
Date: Sat, May 3, 2003, 7:32pm (PDT+2)
To: (The Funny Bone)
Subject: Re: I animated your logo heee....heee..
Be my guest. I animate things because I enjoy it. Your logo was great to work with. Only took me a few minutes.
My gift to you with no strings attached.
Think of it as your helping me build my good Karma.
* Wink
Take care & Keep laughing!
Very Good! I like that... I may just use that on my site (if you don't mind)!
At 08:32 PM 05/02/2003 -0500, you wrote:
I animated your logo thought you might like to use it?
I did it for fun. Please enjoy.

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