Notes From Nancy Quale on Masking
From Qualeee
Date: Mon, Jan 31, 2005
Subject: Re: Index of /GD/1-spheres

Josh I made my hearts by annotating a heart ding onto a transparent back using white for the color--then I composited the gradcircle using "in" BUT "in" no longer works at any of the IM`s except for Net4tv and I normally get a stop sign when I try doing anything there.

You won`t get the same effect but you could annotate a white heart onto a black background and then use "multiply" but that will give you a darker color then the original gradcircle-----hmmmm actually if you made let`s say a green heart on a black background and then transparentize the heart you could composite the heart over the gradcircle-------it was much easier when "in" was working.

Right now when you use "in" the whole graphic totally disappears and you can`t even output it to the clipboard in order to get it to reappear.

PS.I`m not sure but I think you could of gotten the blue gradcircle by using I think 75% under Transform`s Hue.If you input the gradcircle and immediately output it and use Hue under preview you`ll see 9 variations on the gradcircle color and under each gradcircle you`ll see a set of 3 numbers--use the last number in the set of numbers in the Hue function--add a % after the number. Anyway I`m pretty sure I remember seeing your blue under the preview Hues and I think it was 75% but I might be wrong about that.