The Webcam is of Laguna Beach which is 1/2 hour drive South from me. It is the closest webcam that gives you a good idea what the area I live in is like.

A Aerial Shot of my Neigborhood.
I am where the cyan circle is.

The large long rectangle shaped body of water is

"The Marine Stadium"

National and international Boat and water relatated races are held here.

I live in the City of Long Beach. The area is called Los Altos Heights. Which is just east of Belmont Heights or Belmont Shore

Belmont Shore

Mothers Beach

Is on the West Shore of the Marine Stadium.
Which is approx 1 and 1/2 blocks from my home.

Naples California

Has a series of canals that connect to the
'Marine Stadium' and to the Harbors Gate
out to the Open Sea.

Yes we even have "Gondolas".

Sights and Flavors of

Long Beach California USA

This Website has several Webcams on it that are in:
"Beach Cities" near by. Newport Beach is15 mins.
South of me. Closer than Laguna Beach.

\\/\\/alk to the Beach